Urram Hospital Transport Service is here!

Formerly the West Lochaber Hospital Transport Service, Urram are delighted to assume management of this lifeline service.

The pilot project was set up by Care Lochaber 2019 with a Scottish Government Aspiring Communities grant, providing transport for residents of West Ardnamurchan, Ardgour, Moidart, Morvern and Sunart to attend hospital appointments at the Belford and Raigmore hospitals. Using volunteer drivers and a Citron Berlingo, the service quickly proved its worth with one family describing it as a “lifeline” service. It enables residents to attend appointments when the poor public transport links often necessitated overnight stays away from home and has helped over 80 users in the last two years, some of whom require continuing and critical care.

Volunteer drivers continued to support residents throughout the CV19 pandemic, but the service was stopped in August 2021 when funding coming to an end.

With the future uncertain, a number of factors came together to enable Urram to consider adopting this lifeline service. It is with huge thanks to Peregrine Ardnamurchan Charitable Trust( PACT) and their generous financial support, which enabled Urram to purchase the project car and re-start this vital service. In recognition of the critical need for the hospital transport service, NHS Highlands have agreed to help fund it through a per mile payment which is a significant contribution to our running costs.

The hospital transport has a network of volunteer drivers throughout the service area , their support is invaluable and it is a very rewarding role. We are always on the look out for new volunteers so please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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