Urram housing survey report released

In 2023, Urram commissioned Communities Housing Trust (CHT) to carry out a bespoke Housing and Business Needs Analysis, with additional focus on the provision of care across the peninsula, whilst also seeking to establish whether people’s homes were currently meeting the needs of all the household members.

The survey shows a demand for around eighty homes now and in the next 5 years for affordable housing in total from all five community council areas analysed. Comparing the survey data to the most recent census data available, there are a higher-than-average number of people living in houses that do not meet their needs, as well as respondents who state that they would benefit from downsizing and living in smaller, more adaptable homes. In addition, 5% of survey respondents stated that they are either homeless or at risk of
becoming homeless soon.

Click on the image below to read the full report.

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