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Urram encourage more community responses to Dail Mhor consultation inviting everyone to ‘have your say’.

In October 2020, Urram shared the first glimpse of their vision for the redevelopment of the Dail Mhor site in Strontian. Although steady feedback on the plans has been received, more is needed. The charity has now decided to keep the community consultation running until 28th of February 2021 and are urging all West Lochaber residents to ‘have your say!’

Urram’s proposals are for a bright and modern, multi-functional care hub to replace the rapidly deteriorating buildings currently on site. This exciting project aims to provide flexible facilities for both short and long-term care needs of the West Lochaber community, a new village hall, a small supported-housing complex, and flexible and modern spaces for a multitude of community uses. It would create many new employment opportunities and protect existing jobs and services in the area.

To date, feedback from the consultation has been very positive with over 90% of respondents stating that they are, overall, in favour of the redevelopment. Useful points highlighted have included the need for more parking; consideration of the proximity of any new building to near-by residents; the need for a staff room; larger GP consulting rooms; the need for the kitchen area to be closer to the care hub and consideration of remote day care facilities in outlying villages.

Lara Van de Peer, Project Officer for Urram said “Thank you to everyone who has responded to our survey to date. The proposals put forward are a starting point only. The most important thing residents across the area can do is look at drawings and tell us what works, what doesn’t, and what we have missed. Only by receiving constructive feedback on our proposals can we move onto the next stage of this development with information that truly reflects what the local community wants and needs. Please do take five minutes to tell us what you think, so we can plan the best possible future for care delivery in this area”.

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